A large plant for large solutions

The production facility of Italpack covers a total area of 40 thousand square meters of which 14,000 covered, designed to achieve the best possible results and to meet the growing needs of the market. The company currently uses two sheet cutting lines, respectively called Leonardo and Galileo, which represent the true flagship of the company. 

Innovation first: Leonardo e Galileo

Thanks to these two lines it is possible to make straight and scroll cuts on different types of materials: from tinplate to chrome, from black plate to laminates with plastic coating, up to aluminum.

Tipes of materials


Chrome band

Black band


with plastic coating 


High standard of production

The coils to be processed in our plants must comply with the following parameters:

Maximum coil width1250mm.
Minimum coil width600mm.
Maximum coil weight15.000kg.
Minimum laminated thickness0,10mm.
Maximum laminated thickness0,50mm.
Internal diameter of the hole400/500mm.
Maximum external diameter of the coil1850mm.

Ability to cut sheets


Storage capacity


Not only cut colis

In addition to coils cutting, the company also performs trimming, smoothing and sheet selection on request.

All our productions respect the norna "UNI 10202". 

Automated production cycle

The entire production system is automated: from the real-time recording of the loads and discharges of the warehouse to the preparation of the coils, up to their positioning through a portal of last generation and packaging. 

Handling of coils without personnel

The 90% of the operations take place without the help of employees allowing the drastic reduction of procedural errors due to human intake. This system also allows you to manage orders and the entire production in real time. 

Software control system

The operator is able to watch and manage the entire process from the control room: from the sending of the order to the setting up of the production plants. A method that saves time and reduces the margin of error. 

Upgrading under choices and elimination of defects

Our sheet selection line combined with the expertise of our experts, allow us to identify and eliminate the aspects deemed unsuitable that could significantly affect subsequent processing. 

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