Four reasons to choose Italpack

In today’s world there is plenty of technology, entrepreneurs, money, venture capital. What is lacking are the big teams.

These words of Daniel Goleman are only a small part of why rely on Italpack.

just in time

This approach is an industrial philosophy that has reversed the old method of producing finished products to be stored in stock while waiting for them to be sold, directing production towards what has already been sold or is expected to be sold soon. 

Partnership with
Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein

Our collaboration with what is considered one of the leading producers of metal packaging steels in the world represents one of the greatest strengths of Italpack, a path of quality and environmental sustainability. 

Experience and professionalism
for over 30 years

This awareness has allowed Italpack to develop more and more modern technologies adapting them to the demands of the market and thus managing to guarantee to all customers a service of the highest quality. 

Passion and dedication
to the customer

Listening to the customer is more than ever a key to success, the basis on which to build their offer and the evolution of their communication, in a highly competitive context characterized by innovation and constant experimentation. 

Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein: the largest producer of metal packaging steels in Europe.

Getting together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is a success” said Henry Ford.

The constant growth that Italpack has had in recent years on the Italian market is mainly due to the strong commercial and technical relationship that has developed and consolidated over time with the German group Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein.  

This link was born in 2005, thanks to the excellent relations already existing between the top of the German steelworks and Vito Albanese, which with its entry into the company has allowed the company to become the main distributor of tinplate and chrome for the Italian market of the German group.   

This collaboration, which has grown a lot in recent years, has allowed Italpack to benefit from the great quality and reliability of the German company; in fact, it has been able, thanks to this collaboration, to consolidate a high market share, developing an important loyalty with the largest Italian customers in the sector, despite the increasingly relevant Asian competition. 

Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein is currently one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality and accurate steel cans and other types of packaging, based in Andernach, Germany, where the world’s largest production plant is located and about 1,5 million tons every year.   

It has 2,400 employees and 400 customers from 80 different countries operating in a wide range of markets: from food containers to pet food, from cans to bottles, from aerosol components to crown caps and screw caps. 

Over the years, the German company has also been very sensitive to issues such as environmental sustainability and energy saving, and it is precisely for this reason that from autumn 2021 Bluemint products have been added to the production; the peculiarity of these new materials is that they achieve reductions of up to 70 % in CO2 emissions. This is the first transformation success within the framework of the German group’s climate strategy and reflects the high standard of sustainable steel production, increasingly customer-oriented. 

In the coming years Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein has already planned to invest in innovation and technologies that will bring customers closer to the common goal of climate neutrality and an increasingly green steel product. 

Italpack is honored by this partnership and hopes to be able to consolidate it in the coming years in order to continue to build together an important path of environmental sustainability and quality of metal packaging. 

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