Italpack was born in the early 90s

Athos Azzolini founded Italpack in 1992 after gaining a long experience in the brokerage and trading of tinplate.  

The initial objective was the marketing of semi-finished products intended for the metal packaging sector, such as bottoms, lids, handles and mastics, to accompany the sale and purchase of tinplate and chrome band. 

In 1995 Azzolini and his staff of professionals designed and created the first line of automatic coils cutting, thus becoming part of the industrial world and allowing Italpack to become a real "service center". The plant, called "Leonardo", is a concentrate of technology and since its entry into production has allowed the company to improve its presence on the market; at the same time the company structure has been strengthened by succeeding, In this way, to offer customers a complete range of services: from straight cutting to scroll cutting, from shearing to flattening sheets, up to the selection and redevelopment of sub-choices. 

The 2000s mark a turning point

The agreement with new suppliers and the growing popularity of customers has allowed Italpack, in the early 2000s, to achieve important production objectives and make strategic investments, such as the creation of a second cutting line called "Galileo".   

This has led to an increase in production capacity in proportion to market demands and has made the need to find new and important sources of supply of tinplate essential. 

During this growth process, in 2005 the company merged with the English company "Cravelon Metal-Pack Ltd" led by Vito Albanese, a longtime friend of the same Azzolini, a leading trader in the specific sector of metal packaging.

The contribution of the new partner, now president of the company and partner with the Azzolini family at 50%, has allowed Italpack to be accredited to the best international steelworks and to be able to access continuously to increasing quantities of raw materials of excellent quality. 

The great expertise gained by both partners, in all these years of experience in the industry, has allowed the company to constantly strengthen the various production processes and expand its range of products, so as to be able to meet the needs of customers, projecting the Italpack towards increasingly ambitious goals. 

The company now

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