Athos, you will remain forever in our hearts.

On Saturday, April 22, 2023, Athos Azzolini, founder of Italpack, died leaving us prematurely after fighting against a devious disease. His was a long and hard battle, punctuated by continuous ups and downs, but, despite the difficulties, he managed until his last day to convey his great optimism and all his desire to fight.   

His passion, determination and generosity will always be a great source of inspiration for all of us. We will try to continue these values in order to continue the project built together. It has left a great void, which every component of Italpack is trying to fill by following the organization, directives, ethics, example and teachings that Athos, over time, has always transmitted to everyone. 

His presence will always remain alive and constant in this company and will continue to illuminate the path of all the people who have shared with him this long and beautiful path called Italpack. 

Below were some testimonies from his collaborators, who wanted to express a thought of deep esteem and affection to remember Athos. 

Athos, we will never forget you. 

Thank you for everything. 

Ever since I met him, I was struck by his tenacity and enthusiasm to see his company grow day after day with what little he had. It was amazing, always positive even in the adversities of the market. He was never discouraged, he always fought giving courage to his employees, without ever disappointing them. I think if life’s hardships hadn’t stopped him, his dreams would have been even bigger. Thank you Athos for being my employer. 

Dear Athos, for me you have been not only an employer, but in time also a friend with whom to address any topic. The long business chats, sometimes, were really challenging because for your beloved Italpack you always wanted the best. Missing your "Good morning" by the extremely pleasant tone that reflected your contagious positivity in facing life. I will remember you for everything you have given me both professionally and personally. For Italpack: "Let’s go ahead and never give up", as you taught us!!! 

It was hard and heartbreaking to say good-bye to you. You left too soon, and that’s why I couldn’t tell you as much as I wanted to. So I’m gonna write you a few lines right now, hoping you can finally hear them. Thank you for everything, for the teachings and values you have transmitted to me, for your courage and your willpower, which have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration, for your constant motivations, which have helped me to grow and believe more in myself, for your passion and your desire to live that have represented a great example to follow. Your disappearance has left a great void in me, but your presence will remain forever. I hope that from up there you will continue to illuminate my path and that of all the people who have lived with you this long and beautiful path called Italpack.

You had the virtue of the great: sincerity. You have always risen to set an example. Your willpower, your charisma, your integrity are just some of your infinite qualities. Simply, you were a man of another category. Thank you for giving us so much. You will remain indelible in the memory of those who have known and deeply esteemed you. 

"No one dies as long as he lives in the heart of those who remain" is a phrase of Ugo Foscolo, but it is what comes to mind in writing a thought for Athos. Memories are many in time: working issues, problems faced and resolved, meetings, tensions, confidences, friendly contrasts. The thought that, however, breaks in more is for the person Athos, of strong impact but "a lot of stuff" with his frankness, friendship, presence, listening. I have one last email and, as I have always said, the awareness that Athos is one of the most important people in my life. 

"Captain or my captain!": so I often closed whatsapp conversations with you, to which you replied: "Ok Lieutenant!". I miss our chats in the dining room, I miss the liturgy of coffee and "our" room caritatis. We met "by chance", but we dated for the will of both. You are a person of another time, sincere but sincere, a leader but also a faithful friend. In a nutshell... a unique person. I am writing this message to you because you are and will always be with us. 

Your memory will never leave us, it is always alive in our hearts. Bye Athos!! 

Most grateful. 

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