The great experience gained in these years has allowed Italpack to implement and refine a wide range of services: from straight and scroll cutting with inline trimming to shearing and flattening sheets, up to the selection and redevelopment of the undercoats. This ensures ever higher quality standards.   

Italpack has a flexible structure able to meet any type of request, projecting it firmly into an increasingly demanding and selective future. 

Coils Cutting

It separates the past from the present, paving the way for a future wrapped in innovation and transformation. 

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The shearing of steel is like the dance of an unstoppable force that splits the metal with an implacable precision. 


The levelling of steel is like the awakening of a rough and irregular surface, transforming it into a land of smooth and uniform perfection.

Sheet selection

In the selection of sheets, each sheet is scrutinized carefully, like a canvas from which solid bridges and imposing constructions will depend. 

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