The work is carried out on two cutting lines, respectively called Leonardo and Galileo, which have been designed with advanced technological criteria and installed in our production site. 

The technical characteristics of the two lines allow to work coils with a width ranging from 600 to 1200 mm with thicknesses between 13 and 50 hundredths of a millimetre and with a working speed of up to 200 sheets per minute. 

They are fully automatic lines where tinplate coils are processed at high speed for the production of sheets that must ensure a high quality respecting dimensional measurements and ensuring perfect flatness. 

Each lines consist of:

  • zone for coils loading; 
  • decoiler of coils; 
  • zone in which the coils are held in tension in order to be levelled and to guarantee an accurate flatness; 
  • side discs for trimming;
  • guillotine shear (presses) for transverse cutting and sheet processing; 
  • final palletiser, for the packaging of the sheets; 
  • conveyor belts for transfer of tinplate/chrome plated. 

The total production capacity of the two cutting lines is about 80,000 tons/year. All the material produced on our plants fully complies with the current UNI 10202 standard. 

Automated production cycle

All the handling of coils and packages in our service center is 90% without the help of personnel, in complete automation, thus allowing the drastic reduction of procedural errors. 

The connection of all the cutting and handling systems to the central computer system allows the real-time management of production orders, of their progress, labelling and recognition of the finished product ensuring at all times the traceability of the processed coil, up to the packaging operation packages also fully robotic.

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